What I Got Up To In Burma Part 6 – The Hike (Day 1)

View from the hostel roof, me staring into the sun.

The final two parts of my Burma story are all about hiking. Where we left off, I traveled ahead of my Chilean friend, to scout for a hostel and hiking opportunities.

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10 Healthy habits that make a difference in your day

Where does your time and energy go every day? Every now and then, it is nice to reflect on our habits and create awareness over how we spend our moments. After all, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives, no?

Below I share some healthy habits we can cultivate daily to have a positive impact in our lives with immediate and guaranteed results.

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How to make sense of personality tests

Something to reflect on

Have you taken the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)? It is a simple, questionnaire-based personality tool, which uses your responses to sort you into one out of 16 personality types. In theory, you end up with a description of who you are as a person – often to a degree that can almost seem scarily apt.

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10 Fictional Characters We Like

That carnival I was Robin Hood.

What do our favorite things say about who we are? It is an interesting subject, isn’t it? Today, we thought about exploring 10 fictional characters that we like, some because of identification, others for aspirations, and just because. Really curious about your thoughts and please tell us who your favorite fictional characters are, too!

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A quick thought on the death penalty

Arguments abound on if, why, and when the death penalty is justified or not. In my opinion, though, most of these arguments are missing the most important point of the discussion. A point, I think, that we can all agree on: Innocent people should not be executed.

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How I learned to headstand

Sirsasana or headstand is a yoga inversion that is often called the king of all asanas or postures. I do not know why and my best guess is because it looks cool.

Many beginners use headstand as a measure of progress, as well as practicing other advanced asanas. I thought the same before attending my yoga teacher training course, but not anymore.

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What I Got Up To In Burma Part 5 – Scootering Bagan

Staying in Yangon for a few days was a nice change of pace after essentially racing there from Bangkok. But it wasn’t long until I wanted to get moving again. I had heard that the temple city of Bagan was worth a visit, so I got on a night bus heading that way.

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This Week’s Episode of the Markus + Micah Show

Good morning!

Here we are with a couple of nominations from our blog friends Janis and Shelly. Thank you for remembering us! It is always fun for us to answer these tags.

Questions from Janis of Momshie Diaries for the Real Neat Blog Award.

What has been a special moment for you thus far in 2020?

Markus: Waking up at the tiny house with Micah.

Micah: Adopting three stray cats that are enjoying our garden every day, not minding our presence, and hopefully growing in trust.

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Why We Don’t Eat Meat

Micah and I don’t eat meat. I figured I’d just talk about how that happened, why we still don’t eat meat until today, and some general thoughts on the matter.

This post talks about our experience and does not endorse or vilify any diet. We should all eat in a way that best suits us and respect the conscious decision everyone makes.

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What is it like for a girl to live in a gym?

Before I tore my MCL, I traveled and trained Muay Thai full time. I preferred living in the gym to make sure I attend all training sessions. Never mind that I lived with 15 other men or so. Training in the most beautiful island locations, I was beyond certain I would fall into laziness if I lived elsewhere.

Removing the extra step of getting my ass into the gym made training smoother. All I needed to do was grab my gear, get out of my door, and go downstairs to train – sometimes walking, other times half-crawling. It does not matter how, as long as I make it, I feel good. Post-training, I just have to do everything in reverse, hop in the communal shower, eat, and be back in my room until the next training bell. Simple.

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