Whose Fault Is It?

“Hmm, who messed it up?”

No matter what happens, this tends to be the first thing everyone wants to know. Who messed up, who is to blame? Entire societies seem to revolve around it, including election campaigns. Why? What do we get from knowing whose fault something is?

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5 Best documentaries worth watching on Netflix and YouTube

That is a 60 m drop, friends.

Can I just add some nice things to your to-binge list? Last night, my sister recommended watching Social Dilemma. While I wait for inspiration to come so I can finally get to it, I would like to share some insightful documentaries that I have previously watched on YouTube and Netflix, for you know, times when you just cannot decide what to click on.

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13 Questions on yoga teacher training for couples

Most of us fall deeply in love with yoga and often the next step is taking yoga teacher training. It is a fun and worthy adventure, if not crazy sometimes, or most times actually. But do you know what is even crazier? Signing-up for the course as a couple.

It is a challenge to capture the enormity of yoga teacher training as a couple so we tried to simplify it in the 13 questions below.

Also, we would like to thank our blog friend LeendaDLL for inspiring this post.

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Brave complexity

Going in-depth is nice. Epecially if there are fish!

Why is it that we shy away from complexity? Understandably, clarity is nice to have. We must make assumptions, categorize things, and avoid questioning everything all the time if we want to be able to live in any functional way.

Yet it seems that in doing so, we so often miss the point entirely. Assumptions turn into world views, and the world gets separated into those who share that view and those who do not. Them and us – with them being wrong and us being right, of course!

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I will take the inconvenience, thank you very much

I. I was sorting our trash for the bokashi compost when I realized why only a few households do it even if there is a long list of benefits. It is inconvenient.

Segregating the trash, cutting up the organics to size, filling the bucket, and mixing it with soil definitely takes more time than chucking the trash inside the bin and forgetting about it.

Sure, all the steps to bokashi composting are simple but it involves plenty of consciousness. Who would want that?

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6 Things Yoga Teachers Want to Tell You

In 2018, I became a yoga teacher. Markus and I actually did our 200 hr yoga teacher training course together in Rishikesh, India. Needless to say, it was life- and relationship-changing. We use what we learned to further create our thriving life together and also share with others.

I practice yoga every day and know that I am first a yoga student. The learning never ends. This is the fun bit of it! And for other yogis, below is what I can share today, from one yoga teacher and student to another.

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The legend of the oily passport

Who’d have thunk this could be a problem.

When I wrote my first post about travel fuck-ups, I thought that was all of them. Later, I remembered my Phuket-poisoning. But I still forgot about the big one. The mother of all travel fuck-ups, if you will. Spoiler alert: Never put your passport anywhere near liquids in your bag. Especially when those liquids happen to be coconut oil.

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Fun Q&A + a delicious nomination

Keep those questions coming!

Fact: We are increasingly enjoying answering questions from our blogging community. It is so much fun! We would like to thank The Parmigiana Whisperer for nominating us for the Liebster Award. It is one of our favorite blogs – food, history, and humor – what we love rolled into one. We really appreciate your generosity in describing our blog, too:

these guys are the freshness, the idealism, the self care, the respect for the others: every post is a concentrate of what we all need in your lives, and I am so grateful that our paths crossed

And finally, below is our short Q&A that came with this nomination:

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My top 5 inspiring videos on YouTube

Inspiration can hit anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to its many excellent content creators, YouTube has been an invaluable source of inspiration for me over the years. Looking back, there are five things in particular that stand out to me personally. Five videos that had a deep impact on who I am today. So I thought I’d share – and if there are videos that have had a similar impact on you, I would love to hear about them, too!

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How to fight better for a healthy relationship

Only joking – we talk.

Fighting well is a skill. After all, even the most loving partner can be a trial to cope with from time to time. I know I am, and the longer Markus is exposed to the full range of my inadequacies, I grow more grateful everyday for his patience and diplomatic skills.

But fights are not so bad, no? When we do so in a fair and mutually supportive manner, even the worst can be a surprising source of deeper connection and a wellspring of growth for a healthy, more loving relationship. Below we share the concepts behind our conflict resolution and how we learned to fight better as a couple.

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