Poisoned in Phuket

Micah and I taking a break from martial arts, on the non-poison nightmarket.
Tasty drinks, sadly in plastic cups with plastic straws in a plastic bag.

While replying to some comments on the post about travel fuck-ups, I remembered a few things. See, I’ve been traveling even before Micah and I got together – and still managed to fuck up enough for two people in the process. So now, a lesson in unnecessary suffering. I hope you have a better time reading it than I had experiencing it.

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Essentialism vs Minimalism

Is a shark onesie minimalist? No.
Is it essential? Totally!

There are many ways to live, and for us, we love to keep it simple. Micah and I try to be essentialists. This means we do not own anything that we do not need. Everything has a specific purpose. Nothing in our closets, bags or storage areas is there because “we may need it at some point”.

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Our evening routine for better sleep

Markus and I rise together and go to bed together. For such a small gesture, this habit does a lot to strengthen our bond. Do you practice this with your partner, too? This time I thought about sharing our evening routine for better sleep.

I read that people are sleeping worse following the coronavirus crisis. It is definitely not easy. But pandemic or not, I suspect tips on improving quality of sleep are always useful. I hope our simple habits can inspire and help you.

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No going back after you try these 4 naughty plant-based meals

Markus and I eat plant-based meals for one reason: it is delicious. Every bite can be just as indulgent and treatly as their meaty counterparts. There is no settling or sacrifices.

In fact, we are often surprised how naughty plant-based food can be! Check out these meals that we regularly make at the tiny house and see for yourself.

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Fixing Democracy

What kind though?
Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

“Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others”. Winston Churchill’s words in the House of Commons from 11 November 1947 still ring true today. While democracy certainly solved many of the problems that plague other political systems, it still struggles with at least one: It only puts people in charge who really want to be in charge.

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Why we stopped buying yogurt and cheese

This coronavirus quarantine period was, and still is, not a time of comfort, but it did squeeze out many good things from us. One of the biggest is that we finally found space to do our food experiments. We are happy to report that we are now making our own yogurt and cheese!

Hard to believe, but yogurt is like a unicorn in the shops here, even in the city before the dark times. The quality is not great either. We have always thought about making our own, but somehow kept putting it off. Not anymore!

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Our 4 Worst Travel Fuck-Ups

We are pros at this you know.

Micah and I travel a lot, which gives ample opportunity to royally mess things up. The good news is that a mistake made is usually a lesson learned. Even better: You can benefit from our mistakes and travel with more fun and less hassle.

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How to make free plants plus propagating tips

What could be better than more plants? More free plants! Propagating is no less than creating new life. It is fun, I get more plants, and it stimulates new growth on the original plant. Of course, it can be daunting, especially for a beginner like me, but trying is the best path to winning. Below are some of my propagation stories and some tips to make your own free and lovely plants.

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What the future brings

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Does anyone else share this feeling that humankind is closing in on a dramatic climax? On the one hand, the climate catastrophe, rising tensions between governments and within countries around the world and, of course Covid-19, seem to indicate a world that is stumbling closer to the abyss.

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How to live slow and have a more meaningful life

Increasingly, I feel like a character from a Disney movie in the 1940s, living in a small wooden cabin under a green canopy, getting food from the plants outside, and doing chores in a ridiculous old-fashioned way (yes, we air-dry our clothes on a clothes line with pins), with a soundtrack of birdsong in the background. I love it to pieces. But not everyone does.  

In a world that strives to be fast, choosing to live in this slow and simple way is puzzling, if not a complete joke. But is it really? I suppose it is easy to dismiss it as escapism, naivete, or plain laziness looking from the surface. But at its core, the pillar of slow living is simply cultivating meaning in your life.

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